Recreational Boating & Fishing Community Looks to Partner with Department of Commerce to Protect Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale

America’s recreational boating and fishing community is stepping up and offering to help the Department of Commerce find new and innovative solutions that can help protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

Driving the News: In September, leaders from across America’s recreational marine industry sent a letter to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo seeking to partner with the federal government on efforts to safeguard these endangered mammals.

  • This comes as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is looking to implement a 10 knot vessel speed limit throughout most of the Atlantic Coast. Many experts fear that restrictive speed requirements could limit boating access and negatively impact trade and commerce at U.S. ports.

Why it Matters: Much needed investment into high-tech solutions can provide alternatives to overly restrictive and burdensome mandates, which would come with significant consequences for everyday Americans.

What They’re Saying: “We are fully committed to supporting the protection of North Atlantic right whales and are eager to collaborate with NOAA and others to ensure the effective utilization of this funding. Technology and education must be leveraged to achieve that goal,” read the letter, which was signed by the executives of 11 different organizations representing America’s millions of recreational anglers and boaters, the sporting conservation community and the marine recreation industry.

The Big Picture: Investing in innovative, high-tech solutions like real-time location monitoring services can ensure that boaters maintain safe distances from endangered whales, while also ensuring commerce and trade can continue unencumbered.