Florida fisherman reels over new boating speed limits to protect endangered whales: ‘It’s just unsafe’

Jetting out of Johns Pass to the emerald green Gulf seas off Florida’s coast nearly 200 times every day, Hubbard’s Marina Captain Dylan Hubbard claimed he’s never personally spotted a whale on any of his fishing charters.

“We offer a multitude of different trips on a multitude of different boats, and we’ve been in business for a really, really long time and I have been operating the company myself and operating many, many trips on the water often,” Hubbard told Fox News Digital.

“And in my lifetime,” the captain continued, “there has been one whale that washed ashore here in Madeira Beach, being stranded, and that was a natural mortality event, [it] wasn’t a boat strike.”

Hubbard represents just one of the thousands of business and marine tourism industry leaders sounding off on proposals being examined by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to enforce speed regulations in hopes to preserve North Atlantic rights and Rice’s whale populations.

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